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Sharia Law against Adoption

Sharia Law against Adoption

Sharia Law against Adoption


Islam prohibits adopting children. Adoption in the technical sense is not allowed under Islamic law. Allah prohibited adoption in Islam and annulled all the judgements pertaining to adoption.”

Faith Freedom  Adoption of orphan/helpless child was a very popular and moral practice amongst pre-Islamic Arabs. By adopting orphan/helpless child, they used to consider adopted child as their own.

The all-wise legislator of Islam willed to undo the above mentioned Arab practice of adopting children. The divine legislator willed to give the adopted son only the right of a client and co-religionist. For that reason a verse was revealed: “God did not make your adopted son as your own sons. To declare them so is your empty claim. God’s word is righteous and constitutes true guidance. (Q.33: 4).“ 

About Islam The Islamic term for what is commonly called adoption is kafala, which comes from a word that means “to feed.”  In essence, it describes more of a foster-parent relationship.  Some of the rules in Islam surrounding this relationship:

  • An adopted child retains his or her own biological family name (surname) and does not change his or her name to match that of the adoptive family.
  • An adopted child inherits from his or her biological parents, not from the adoptive parents.
  • When the child is grown, members of the adoptive family are not considered blood relatives, and are therefore not muhrim to him or her.  “Muhrim” refers to a specific legal relationship that regulates marriage and other aspects of life.  Essentially, members of the adoptive family would be permissible as possible marriage partners, and rules of modesty exist between the grown child and adoptive family members of the opposite sex.
  • If the child is provided with property/wealth from the biological family, adoptive parents are commanded to take care and not intermingle that property/wealth with their own.  They serve merely as trustees.

For unknown reasons in nature, sometimes a mother abandons her baby, leaving him an orphan.

Hours after his birth, Breeze was found stumbling around by a farmer.  The newborn foal was abandoned by his mother. That’s when the farmer took him to Devon-based Mare and Foal Sanctuary where they instantly started caring for him.  What happened next is heartwarming. Staff could bottle feed the foal but they couldn’t risk putting him together with another mare. So they put a 4-foot giant Teddy Bear in the stall with Breeze.


The bear’s name is Buttons and Breeze quickly warmed up to him



Without his mother, Breeze has found an adorable replacement.


The two have been inseparable and they expect Breeze to be just fine.


Thanks to the rescuers and those who cared enough to take in this little baby horse. And thanks, of course, to Buttons.



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