CANADA: At least some students at the University of Ottawa ‘get it’ about Islam

CANADA: At least some students at the University of Ottawa ‘get it’ about Islam

CANADA: At least some students at the University of Ottawa ‘get it’ about Islam


On November 30th, the University of Ottawa issued an email notifying students about so-called ‘Islamophobic’ posters distributed around campus. After receiving complaints and concerns from Muslim students, the Human Rights Office and Protection services said it “acted immediately to remove all of the ‘offensive’ posters around campus.”



The Fulcrum: The posters feature an image of Adolf Hitler and the Islamic prophet Muhammad, listing the two figures based on their alleged similarities and differences. One point of similarity listed on the posters reads, “both hated Jews and ordered their massacre.”



On Nov. 29, the Facebook group Spotted at uOttawa posted a photo of the posters. Students responded to the posters, some saying that the posters were “disgusting and hateful” (but true!).




One comment on a Spotted at uOttawa post with the photo reads, “I suggest not sharing such ignorant action and to avoid publicizing broader … inappropriate attacks.” Another student commented, “(The university) notified the police to investigate this poster? At this point should we just instate sharia blasphemy laws?”

On Dec. 3, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa released a statement on its Facebook page encouraging concerned students to contact local Muslim leaders, or the Muslim Student Association.




“In regard to sensitive matters that have been brought up, we invite university students to exercise their academic rigorousity and critical thinking that they learn in class beyond the classrooms,” reads the Facebook post.


An email released by the university said it “values and encourages freedom of expression, freedom of religion and full equality,” and is “committed to creating and maintaining a learning environment that promotes dignity and respect for all.”

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